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1. Nature trail - Things to do at Kingsbury

Create a list of animals, birds, insects or plants you might find and let your children see how many they can find. You can either play along with them, or make it a competition between them to see who can spot the most. It's particularly fun for young children and they can be learning as they go along, without even realising.

2. Play a team game - Things to do at Kingsbury

You need a decent sized group to play a good game of rounders. Just in case you've never played...Two teams: one batting, one fielding. You need a bowler, a backstop and at least a couple of fielders, while the other team takes it in turn to bat - and then you swap over. After hitting you have to try and make it round the four bases without the ball beating you there. If it does you're out, if it doesn't you've got yourself a rounder. If you stop at the bases to run at the next turn and make it round, you get half a rounder. It's as easy as that!

3. Have a picnic - Things to do at Kingsbury

Great for friends, couples and families - you can't go wrong with a good old-fashioned picnic. You could pick up a hamper so it's hassle-free, or for the cheaper version make the sarnies yourself at home. If you have children it might be nice to let them help you to prepare the food, or bake some cakes beforehand.

4. Treasure Hunt - Things to do at Kingsbury

Ideal for keeping the kids entertained, you could hold a themed/fancy dress version and it would be perfect for a cheap birthday party. It doesn't have to be just for the children, you could hold one in the evening and make elaborate clues for your friends all pitching in for a prize, but preferably when it's not too first.

5. Fly a kite at Things to do in Kingsbury

Another one for the kids which is great for the summer holiday. Spend a day making kites and then on a breezy day take the children to the ark to fly them. It might be worth picking up a real one in case they don't actually fly!


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